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Contact Us

The Watson Insurance Group, LLC
1204-A East Washington Street
Greenville, SC 29601
(fax) 864-271-1857
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Why Choose Us?


Our founder and president, Bill Watson has more than 35 years in the insurance industry as a Audit & Loss Inspector, Multi-line Adjuster, Independent Agent, Claims Manager and Broker, giving our clients an edge in insurance matters.


Offering a wide variety of commercial and personal policies from well-respected, financially-sound carriers, The Watson Insurance Group, LLC creates insurance programs tailored to businesses and individuals.


Our unique, diverse background allows us to assist clients in choosing policies that best meet their commercial and personal needs. We provide clients with a “Needs Analysis” that eliminates too much or too little insurance, as well as gaps in coverage, and we give you a free quote in writing - every year.


The Watson Insurance Group, LLC will manage your insurance program. You keep us informed of any business or lifestyle change you make, and we'll make sure you're covered. We can even bond policies to insure your coverage is continuous.


Bill's extensive experience allows him to advocate and mediate for clients if situations arise. This allows us to bring about quicker resolutions, so you can avoid time-consuming and expensive litigation.


The Watson Insurance Group, LLC is locally owned and operated, residing in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. We service Upstate SC, western NC and northeastern GA and can often be on-site within a couple of hours if necessary. We generally receive and process your mail in a couple of days - not weeks, and you can always stop by the office.


The Watson Insurance Group, LLC has a direct relationship with our clients. When you call us, you won't have to go through an automated directory to reach a customer service representative. The number of people with access to your personal information is limited; and you won't have to acquaint yourself every time you call. We know you.


We understand one-size doesn't fit all, deciding to remain independent to better serve your interests and not those of a large, mainstream carrier.


You'll always be treated with friendly professionalism at The Watson Insurance Group, LLC. We work hard to earn your respect, because we know we wouldn't exist without you.


We pride ourselves on being leaders and innovators in the insurance industry, utilizing research, technology and best practices to set a high standard. At The Watson Insurance Group, LLC our goal is to be the preferred insurance agency in the region. We're working to exceed your expectations in all areas, and our reputation is growing.

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