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Client Story 5

A local printer had a mechanical breakdown of one press, which caused the loss of jobs that could only be done with this press. The machine itself would fall under “mechanical breakdown,” but just getting the press repaired would do nothing for the loss of income sustained by the owner. Business interruption or loss of income is provided under some policies to take care of such an occurrence, however to activate this coverage, the insured must prove an actual loss of income over a specified period of time. The adjuster was concerned with the amount of income the insured had lost over this period. In this case we were able to help the insured show that due to the specialization of the printer, jobs were lost and the income from those jobs went to other print shops. Because the printer was so specialized the jobs couldn't be done on any other machine in the insured's shop, the adjuster was able to see there was a loss of income that was not totally reflected by the amount of money the insured had made. The claim was settled with regard to the special situation. The insured was so pleased that when he sold his business and later started another one in a different industry, he looked to us to write the coverage - Watson Insurance Group, LLC client for 6 years.

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