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The Watson Insurance Group, LLC
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Client Story 3

A salesman for one of our insured businesses had taken his car to get the oil changed and left it while the service was being performed. When he returned to pick up his car, he noticed someone had backed in to the driver's side door. He filed a claim. The company performing the service and their insurance carrier refused to pay the claim, because the company denied responsibility for the damage. Our insured's insurance carrier made several attempts to get reimbursed. Reimbursement would have removed the chargeable claim from our insured's policy; however the company that performed the service and their insurance carrier were very adept at stonewalling all attempts to collect for the damage. Since it would have cost more to get an attorney, our insured's carrier closed the file. We were able to help our insured (as this is a bailment situation) in which our insured vehicle was in the care custody control of the company who changed the oil. In a bailment situation, the company performing the service would have to prove they took care of the car while in their custody. Being that the car was damaged, they couldn't do that. Armed with this knowledge the insured was able to recover the damage in small claims court without an attorney. Our insured's premium didn't go up – Watson Insurance Group, LLC client since founding.

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