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The Watson Insurance Group, LLC
1204-A East Washington Street
Greenville, SC 29601
(fax) 864-271-1857
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We understand a claim is a stressful event, which is why we focus so much attention on client advocacy.

How does client advocacy make a difference?

  • Direct writers say they’ll save you an average of 15% on premiums, but it can end up costing you much more when claims arise without an insurance expert to mediate for you. Client Story 1
  • Captive agents are directly employed by insurance carriers and aren’t always in the best position to advocate if their employer denies your claim, causing the process to take longer to resolve. Client Story 2
  • Attorneys may help bring about resolutions, but litigation is lengthy and expensive, taking a large portion of your time and settlement. Client Story 3
  • Many large agencies are owned by banks and other financial institutions that place an emphasis on profits over service, and the time spent on your claim is measured with cost. Client Story 4
  • Other independent agencies don’t have a president and advisor with first-hand experience as a Lost Control Inspector, Multi-Line Adjuster, Independent Agent, Claims Manager and Broker, so they simply may not know how best to handle the claim for your benefit. Client Story 5

Using our knowledge and experience to advocate on behalf of our clients, it’s our goal to make the claim process as stress-free as possible. Other than making sure our clients are properly covered, this is when they need us most. We realize our clients could choose another agency, and we appreciate that they keep choosing us, especially after a claim.

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